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Дорогие партнеры!
Компания ООО «Мастер» от всей души выражает искреннюю благодарность ООО «Lettuning lightings». За период нашего сотрудничества мы отметили Вашу компетентность, оперативность и стремление сделать свою работу качественно и своевременно.
Ваша компания стала для нас идеалом взаимовыгодного сотрудничества. Хотим особенно отметить Ваших менеджеров, которые оперативно предоставляют информацию о поступлении новых товаров и подробно отвечают на все возникшие вопросы.
Мы и дальше планируем сотрудничать с Вами и просим оповещать нас о любых поступивших новинках.
Благодарим за Ваш профессионализм!

С уважением, Петр Иванович

We represent you our novelty!
"Not killed" LED head light bulbs!

Our new series of LED lamps - stands unreal, the most extreme conditions! On testing, we cook them all day and night in a "cool" boil in a teapot, cool down to -50 in the freezer! And they continue to work continuously before, after and during execution. Our stand with continuously running LED lamps in boiling boiling water produced a real sensation and an explosion of enthusiasm among visitors to the 122nd Guangzhou Exhibition that took place in October 2017 in Pazhou. Such unreliable endurance, reliability and trouble-free operation - our unique technologies, high-quality components, fan fans, LED chips, and our unique, proprietary design, the system for protecting against overheating - allowed to achieve without reducing the brightness of the LED lamps!

Demonstration of the work you can see on the video with the exhibition in China.





Dear Parteners!

On the site the cost of our products is indicated without taking into account the delivery to your country, region and without taking into account local taxes. That is, we declare honestly - the net selling price of our manufacturer's factory. To make it easier for you to navigate through the calculations, taking into account transportation costs, taxes and other overhead costs, according to our rough estimates, add about 45% to the price of the product.