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C5W LED Lamp

Saloon lamps with a SV 8,5 / SV 7 base with c5w / c10w marking are lamps used in salon lamps and in the illumination of state. Numbers.

The designation of socle SV 8.5 means that the diameter of the socle is 8.5 mm, this size is the most common. There are also lamps with a socle SV 7, their diameter is 7mm. Marking c5w means that the maximum lamp power is 5W. Marking c10w - means that the lamps have a power.

Automotive lamps c5w / c10w, can have different lengths of 31mm, 36mm, 41mm. In place of the incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs have similar dimensions, but the luminous ones are several times brighter, the lifetime of such lamps is 5 times longer than that of conventional lamps, the energy consumption is up to 10 times less.

LED car lamps with SV 8,5 / SV 7 base and c5w / c10w marking are installed in ordinary plinths, LED lamps have a low temperature of 50 degrees and can have any color.