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T20/S25 LED Lamp

Automotive lamps W21 / 5W - T20 - 7443-W3х16q are bezkolnye lamps with 2 spirals, these paws are used in a combined stop signal and overall dimensions. In the lamp W21 / 5W - T20 - 7443-W3х16q there are 2 spirals, one - 5 W - for the size and the second - 21 W - for the stop signal.

At the moment it has become very popular to install instead of conventional W21 / 5W lamps - T20 - 7443-W3x16q LED, because They are brighter and more durable, have low power consumption, are resistant to vibration and frequent turn-on.

Replacement of a conventional lamp with an LED does not require additional conversion of the headlamp. LED lamps can be either white or red. There are also more bright LED lamps on cluster LEDs. These lamps are much brighter than all other lamps.

Car LED lamps with a base 1156 - P21W - S25 - BA15s. Used to replace conventional lamps. In stop signals, turn signals and parking lights.