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T10 LED Light Bulb (W5W)

LED lamps with a T10 base (also referred to as W5W, W16W, W18W) ... in colloquial speech - "lampless lamps".

W5w lamps found their application in lighting the dimensions of the car, license plates and salon. Available without a socle, and very easily and quickly installed. The lamp w5w t10 gives beautiful smooth light.

Variety of lamp models w5w

Lamps are manufactured in various designs - ordinary with filament, LED and halogen. Depending on the purpose, you can choose for yourself an acceptable option. For headlamp lighting is best suited LED. Although for ordinary and driving lights can be used and ordinary lamps with filament filament. Their main advantage is simplicity and low cost. The w5w light bulb is best used with LED light, as they tolerate flicker and blink.

Also, the main advantage of LED lamps is a long service life and resistance to various vibrations and shocks.

The w5w lamps are available in the light range from 2000K to 6700K.

There are lamps with a similar cap, but different capacities. The lamp power with T10 socket depends on the place of application in the car. The most powerful lamps are used for reversing lamps and stop lamps - these lamps have a larger size than lamps of lower power.

LED lamps in parking lights are 5W lamps, (usually referred to as w5w).

LED w5w lamp in the cabin, as a rule, are installed low-power, replacing these lamps with LEDs is most relevant.

Base T10:
W1,2W - these lamps have a power of 1.2W.
W2,3W - these lamps have a power of 2.3 watts.
W3W - these lamps have a power of 3W.
W5W - these lamps have a power of 5W.
W16W - these lamps have a power of 16W.
W18W - these lamps have a power of 18W.

Scope of lamps w5w

Front indicators
Backlighting lights
Luggage and room lighting
Car dashboard lighting
Lighting in the car